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Track your assets, vehicles and mobile employees on the map. Assign tasks and manage the workflow from anywhere. Browse all the vital data online, even ODBII in case of GPS tracker installed.

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Two apps.
Great possibilities.

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One for mobile employee

X-GPS Tracker app

Turn a smartphone into powerful feild employee’s instrument. Show your location, exchange vital data with office, view tasks.

  • Easily browse everyday work
  • Share your progress with office
  • Show your working status
  • Chat with team members
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One for supervisor

X-GPS Monitor app

Stay aware of what’s happening wherever you go. Locate your assets in real-time, check tracks history and manage field service workflow.

  • Manage assigned tasks
  • View trips history
  • Browse OBD data realtime
  • Get instant notifications about events
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  • Work order management

    Create and assign tasks in the most intuitive and eye-pleasing interface. Manage assignments easily and analyze the work done.

  • Mobile forms

    From field to office, employees can send: comments, images, files, e-signatures. A dispatcher receive them in seconds.

  • Employee statuses

    Keep track of what your mobile staff is doing right now by checking employees online status: occupied, available, lunch, etc.

  • Telemetry widgets

    Turn your smartphone into a monitoring centre. Brow OBD2 data online: mileage, fuel consumption, speed, engine hours, etc.

  • Team chat

    Communicate with your colleagues right from the app interface. Discuss the issues have appeared, correct the schedule or report on the work done.

  • GPS tracking and history

    Be aware of your assets, vehicles and employees location. You will not lose any data about trips. The history is stored for up to three years.

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